Welcome to ou Summer Photo Project 2019!  

The school is out and so are our cameras! And we're here to help you  make THIS summer photos, THE BEST summer photos you could have! 

First things first:

Make sure you join our Facebook Group! 

It will be THE  place to be for this Photo project - a place to ask for advice and feedback on your photos, where we'd be posting additional resources and information, where you'd get to connect with us ( Photography for Parents) and your fellow Summer Project participants AND where we'd be sharing our weekly project and Summer Bingo entries.

Wait, did you just say Summer Bingo???

Ah yes, sorry, got ahead of myself there. Read on to find out.

Here is how this project works:

Every week for the 6 weeks of summer ( till the end of August!) we'll be posting a weekly lesson dedicated to a particular topic - the first week it's all about capturing your kids on their outdoor adventires, the following week we're learning about capturing water play, etc etc - you get the gist. 

The lesson will consist of 3 parts: 

  1. Introduction of the theme and key concepts and techniques - theis is where we explain how you might want to set your camera up for particular type of a shot or what to look out for, or anything vaguely technical that might be worth knowing
  2. A selection of photo ideas based ob the weekly theme, with explanations on how to take them and key shot info
  3. Yes, you guessed it - Weekly Summer Photo Bingo! - in other words  - a list of 20 photos per week to tick off as you get through the week! Some of them connected to your weekly project them , some not at all. The idea is to help you and your kids have a little fun with the cameras ( it comes as a printable page too! ) and help you focus your attention on specific things each week. We'll be sharing the photos to our Facebook group - let's see who can tick off the most! 

Ready to go? Scroll down to start!