1. If possible, rename your files to indicate the part of homework they are ( i. spot metering or exposure lock)
  2. Drag your selected images – in jpg format – to the upload area or click on it and select your files from your disk drive. You can upload multiple files all at once,
  3. WAIT for the files to display a green circle next to them to indicate they’re ready for upload. If you try to complete the upload before, the success message may still display even if the actual files don’t transfer.
  4. Once the green circles display next to ALL your files, press the Finish Your Upload button
  5. If you would like to check if your files uploaded correctly, you can REVIEW THEM HERE – just click on the folder with your name. If you cannot see the folder with your name, your upload was unsuccessful. IMPORTANT – PLEASE DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANY FILES TO THE DROPBOX FOLDERS DIRECTLY. PLEASE ONLY USE THIS UPLOADER. 

If you have any trouble with the process, please email your files to hello@photographyforparents.co.uk instead.

If you have any additional notes to add to your images, enter them here