Read on for a comprehensive but by no means exhaustive list of the things you learn on our course. If you're short on time, just skip to the bottom for the 'too long, didn't read' version towards the bottom. 

Module 1 - step 1 to mastering your camera: on FOCUS, SPACE and LIGHT

  • The importance of focus and what it does to our brain and how it informs the way we 'read' a photograph
  • Taking control of your focus - understanding what focus settings should be used for different types of images to make sure you can capture still or moving subjects sharp
  • Mastering focus formula - a process to help you determine what settings to use for each occassion to make sure you can always capture your kids sharp, whether they're on the go or ( less likely) sitting calmly down
  • Understanding how your choice of lens and zoom influences how much of the space in front of you your camera sees - we started you off on this in this bootcamp but there is a lot more to this! 
  • choosing the right kind of lens or zoom level for different situations - portraits, wider scenes, action sequences, capturing thise little fingers and toes...
  • what lens / zoom level is an absolute no-no for a great portrait - and why most selfies look bad! 
  • learning how your camera sees the light and how to make it better, especially with tricky light
  • learning how to shoot against the light - like a bright window and NOT end up with the person looking all dark

Module 2 - getting to grips with exposure and aperture

  • understanding the mechanics of your camera - how does a photo actually happen inside
  • taking your camera firmly OFF the Auto settings - nw you're in control. Learning the key factors ( aperture, shutter speed and ISO) and how they interact with one another
  • switching to Aperture priority and controlling your aperture - the how and the why
  • taking control of what in your image will be sharp and what will be blurry - hello full control over blurry backgrounds, blurry foregrounds and pin sharp subjects in between. We started you off on it in this bootcamp but we go deeper into it  in the course
  • How to capture portraits and those precious detail shots beautifully 

Module 3 - capturing movement

  • switching your camera to shutter priority and mastering MOVEMENT
  • learning how to capture moving things SHARP - yes, that includes those fast movingbaby arms and legs
  • learning how to capture moving things BLURRY - and why would you want to do it?
  • learning how to highlight action and energy and speed  in your images and how to help yourself with composition - for your little bundles of energy and sporting superstars
  • creative techniques like night time light trails or panning or creative blur
  • how to use your focus settings on top of your shutter settings to help capture things sharp


  • It's not just about how much light you have but also what kind of light you have and why the way you treat light will be the difference between an AAAH photo and MEH photo
  • discovering how to find good light in your home and outside
  • learning what kind of light might be best for moody portraits and light and airy baby shots - and how to find it!
  • learning to see the light - really see where it comes from, how it affects your child and how to bend it to your will
  • learning how sometimes just turning around will make the hugest difference to the way your image looks
  • getting creative with light : bokeh, light flares, startbursts, halo effect and more! 

Module 5 - Photo composition

  • understanding how we 'read' photographs and how to compose so that the magic YOU see translates into what the others see when they pick up that photo
  • fundamental rules of photo composition - we started you off with the rule of thirds but there is MORE
  • storytelling through your photographs - how to make your images mean something and show something real, beyond 'my child looks cute here'
  • getting creative and expressing yourself through photographs 
  • learning to go beyond your usual compositions and discovering different styles

Module 6 - Photographing children - the round-up

  • Photographing different ages - what to look out for, what milestones to capture, useful hints and techniques for each stage
  • Overcoming objections from your subjects - the dreaded Photographer's Child Syndrome and how to bring your kids back on board
  • next steps for you - the emerging photographer

^too long, didn't read version: 

If you have a camera that's not getting that much use, or is giving your frustrating or inconsistent results, or feels intimidating through the various cryptic buttons and dials - don't just give up on it, join us and one well designed lesson after anoither, we'll teach you how to use it and how to get the most of it. 

If your kids are having their chilhoods documented mostly on your phone, don't let it be the main record of this time of their lives - join us and we'll show you how to really tell their stories, shine a light on their precious features, capture their personalities and make it so much better than the million snaps that you already have on your phone. You owe it to them, and to your future self. 

AND now the good part: 

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