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I want this week to be a breath of fresh air in your photography. I want you to to feel free to let go of comparisons, and what you think your photos SHOULD look like and give yourself permission to experiment and take imperfect photos of those perfect, fun filled moments. I want them to be for you.

I want you to feel like you're having fun, because if you're not, neither are your kids. So before we get to your camera, let's start with a little mindset exercise. 


Take a piece of paper and a pen, 

yes pen and paper - oldschool, I know, but it makes a difference when thoughts from from your mind to your pen.

What makes your kids happy?

What do they love to do? What would make them break into the biggest grin? What would surprise and delight them? What's their favourite part of the day? what are they likely to always say YES to? 

WRITE THEM DOWN - that will be you Joy list for the week. You'll be dipping into it daily.

They don't have to be big things - cuddles and tickles and getting dirty and splashing the water in the bath and singing at the top of their voices to their favourite tune count!

Now, visualise:

How does the happiness manifest itself? how do they experience it? How does their face change when they are delighted? Exhilerated? Quietly content? How does their body look? On the move or static? Zoom down to little details - their hands, fingers, toes, hair...

Even if youre itching to get stick in, even if you donlt normally do these kinds of things, I implore you, please please please take a fe moments to go through this little exercise. 

I know how easy it is to get frustrated and stuck and just revert back to 'normal'. I've been there. 

By getting into the mindset of creating fun you will help yourself have a different week, with a different focus, and it will show in your images. You'll see. 

OK, so NOW that your joy list is ready, let's move to our first lesson! And it's sounds like laughter!