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So here is a question for you - what are you going to do after the summer is over? I have been watching the summer project images pouring in and I'm seriously amazed by the level of creativity and even the sheer determination to get things ticked off the Bingo List ( I loved the lateral thinking you showed me with those!). We still have a couple of weeks left, but I think we can all smell September coming so I have a suggestion for you. 

Join us, and learn photography for good. Whatever the season or your kids age.

Does this sounds remotely like you:

You have a camera but not sure how to use it properly.

Perhaps you shoot in Auto only, perhaps you wing it in priority or manual. Wouldn't it feel great if you could just pick it up and set it up with confidence for whatever scene or action going on in front of you?

You love taking photos of your kids but let's be honest, most of them are on your phone. 

And only a few out of the dozens you shoot are anything more than snaps. But what if you could capture them like the special moments they are? - to see what your camera actually sees, grab hold onto the feeling it gives you, make the most of the environment and what your child is doing and create the images that will stay with you.

You've taken some courses or maybe you're self-taught..

...but while you can tell your shutter from your ISO and compose without chopping off your child's hands and feet, you keep looking at other people's photos and wonder - how did they get that light to look so amazing? How did they know how to angle it? What lens woud they have used and why? But if you could just learn this? Learm what to expect from your light and from your lenses and how to make the images look how they felt in real life?

Here is what you get with us:

Whether you fall in the beginner or more advanced group, the courses we run will give you a rounded, holistic photography education. 

Let me explain.

Let's say you want to learn how to capture your kids on the move. Sure, you can pull a tutorial on how to set your camera's shutter speed from anywhere on the internet, but we approach the subject a bit differently. 

In our module on capturing movement we do indeed cover the shutter and how fast to set it to make sure you can capture your kids sharp. That's a given.

But we also explore it further. 
  • On the technical side - we look at your focus options and creating strategies for different types of movement - to make sure that not just your camera's shutter but also your camera's focus can keep up with your kids.
  • We explore what it means to not just capture movement, but also showcase it, make it clear from the photo how fast your little one was running or scooting.
  • You learn how to compose for moving objects - the rules and principles of composing for and with movement.
  • You discover how to use movement to inject some energy and fun into your images - and why movement screams joy in the way that static photos just don't.
  • And then we have a little fun with some more creative techniques.
And that's all in our Fundamentals course. 

We also don't just leave you to figure it all out by yourself.

Here is how your learning would look on a typical week.

  • Monday morning: we open your weekly module for your. These are the core materials which include the key info for the week. You don't need to be online while they are released, they'll be waiting for you in your learning area on our website to open up and read at your leisure. You can view them on your desktop or mobile devices, but we also give you a downloadable PDF.

    Included in the course materials are some step-by-step - try it now exercises to help you immediately try out the things we teach.
  • A dedicated private Facebook group: each learning group gets a dedicated, private support facebook group, moderated daily by your instructor - this is where you get to ask questions, show of your photos, chat to other course members. On Monday morning, your instructror will post a home assignment for the week - due by Sunday. You will receive personal, detailed, photo-by-photo video feedback on those images from your instructor weekly. This is an increadible growth tool - we help you see not only what works and what doesn't, but also how to make it much better with simple tweaks in light, composition, camera angle etc. Our students say that the feedback alone is worth the course price!
  • Wednesday or Thursday evening - now that you've had some time to read through the materials and maybe try a few things out, we give you a live online class ( always recorded in case you can't join in live) - always scheduled after the kids' bedtime - typically from 8.30pm. During that class our instructor goes over the more challenging points of the weekly course, providing additional explanation and examples and answering all your questions. These typically last from 1.5h to 2h ( on average)
  • Sunday evening - you submit your homework images. Your feedback will be ready usually within 2-3 days from that date but you can ALWAYS aks questions, get help and advice on anything you're learning with us.

And after the course?

You're welcome to join our Alumni group - this is where your photography education continues (free!)  through participation in weekly and monthly shooting challenges. This is not a formal course-like environment, but a more relaxed, supportive and inspiring space. Our members range from those who have only just completed the first courses  to those who have been with us for years and years and have since moved on to professional photography or  remained enthusiastic amateurs so there is always pleny of support in offer, whether you want to know how to approach a particular phots, get advice on cameras and lenses or ask for help with editing. 


If you're a camera newbie or a casual snapper, I would recommend starting with our Fundamentals course. 

Fundamentals of Children's Photography

It's 6 weeks, online, but very hands on course which covers all the building blocks of photography and will give you everything you need to start taking great photos of your kids. We cover all key aspects of camera know-how ( and know-why!), the fundamentals of composition (and its not just the usual rule of thirds - we actually explore visual storytelling through composition, learning how to work the space in your images, and how our brains perceive and understand visual information). And we spend  A LOT  of time on light - specifically how to make it work for your images and how to understand and see it like a photographer. 

Our upcoming Fundamentals course starts on the  9th September ( back to school baby!)

Our regular course fee is £229 but we have a special Summer Project offer for you !
  • the offer: Book Fundamentals course by Sunday 18th August and pay only £159 ( saving you £70)
  • even better : if you book both our Fundamentals course and our Advanced course as a bundle, you pay only £309 ( vs normal price £458 for both) saving you a cool £150.
  • Better still! : if you're extra quick and book by the end of Friday (TOMORROW), you can get an extra £10 off - just use the code summer10

AND THERE IS A PAYMENT PLAN! You don't have to pay the full fee upfront - pay 50% now and the remaining half after 30 days.

If you book both courses together, you would be joining the nearest Fundamentals course and will then have 12 months after completing that course to book a place on our Advanced course. 

Most students who attend our Fundamentals course end up booking the Advanced one straight after ( if they hadn'd already) so it's an easy way of guaranteeing yourself a great price. 

HERE IS where you can learn more about it ( but don't book from that link unless you want to pay more!)  - book your place by clicking the button below

But if you already dabble in photography a bit and are comfortable with your camera and aware of the key composition and light concepts - our Advanced course may be what you need.

The course works the same as our fundamentals course ( with the live classes, group, feedback etc) but we dig deeper into all the concepts. So we go deep into shooting in manual - not just the basics, but utilising the Zone method and learning how to anticipate and tweak your settings on the fly depending on what you see as well as how to use it creatively. We learn how to make your composition strong, how to begin discovering your style and how to release your vision. We go deep into your feelings and learn how to capture and express emotions in your photography.

And more MORE more. 

The next course will be starting on 28th October. 

This course is normally £229 but discounted to £169  for you ( provided you book by Sunday 18th August).


And if you buy it as part of a Level 1 and 2 bundle, you can get both for £309 ( saving of £150 on both)

As with our Fundamentals course, payment plan is available and this course is also eligible for the extra £10 off if booked by Friday 

Learn more about the course HERE ( but don't use that link to book as it will charge you full price.) Book instead using the button below

But don't just take my word for it. Just check out our Facebook reviews section - here are just a few of the most recent ones

I KNOW we can make a huge difference to how you photograph your family. Join us and never miss a perfect photo opportunity again. 

But remember, the offer expires on Sunday!