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Hello Everyone and welcome to our Spring Bootcamp!

This one is very much all about giving you a great kick start with your baby and children’s photos and – as in the name – bootcamps are all about doing doing doing! Because let’s face it, nobody learns by just reading / watching stuff!

Things to know:

We will be technique and jargon light

Given that our bootcamp participants come in all levels of advancement, this will not be a technical course – we do plenty of that in our regular courses. Instead, what we will be giving you is 7 day of focus on your children and 7 days of joyful photo challenges – whatever your level!

Achievable daily topics

Every day we will be covering a different topic – suitable just as much for beginners as those more advanced and here is the key thing – we need you to commit to actually shooting daily!

We chose those topics to give you variety – something we know parents struggle with, and to be manageable to capture in a day and then move on to the next topic the following day. The idea is that at the end of this bootcamp, you will have AT THE VERY LEAST – 7 very different images to be proud of.

Babies and beyond

The topics we chose will be suitable for both photographing babies and older children – wherever appropriate, we indicate separate difficult points for either ages and different strategies to use.

Lots of info and support

We will walk you through the theory, we will explain the best settings to use and the practicalities or each shoot and at the end, as long as you have a go – you will end up with great photos of your kids.

We will also be there on our Facebook Bootcamp Group, answering your questions, helping you improve your shots and clarifying any troublesome issues.

So are you ready?

First things first – make sure to join our Facebook Bootcamp group – it’s private and created just for this course.

Done? Ok – now onto your first day and first challenge! This one is a BIG one ( although not at all difficult or scary)